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What is SpamAssassin?

SpamAssassin is a server-side E-Mail scanner that assists you in fighting SPAM (bulk and unsolicited E-mail).

How SpamAssassin Works

When an E-mail is sent to our servers, it is analyzed and compared to a set of rules defined by the SPAM program. Each E-Mail is assigned a score and based on your settings via cPanel for that particular E-Mail account, the original E-Mail may be attached, if it is SPAM, to a new E-Mail which is sent to you in place of the SPAM. A detailed description is provided to you with this new E-Mail of the attached SPAM. You'll still have the option to view the SPAM in case it was tagged in error, so you don't have to worry about losing any E-Mails. This is an ever-growing popular method to combating SPAM and we wouldn't be a good hosting company if we did not provide you with a feature such as this.

Note: SpamAssassin is turned off by default, however it may easily be activated per E-Mail account via your cPanel

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